Yogini THakkar Arora


Today: Happily married mom of three beautiful kids. I am a “Successful Mind Coach” with a passion to make people realize the “Power of the subconscious mind”. I use various techniques to achieve these results. A few to mention would be “Clinical Hypnosis”, “Past life Regression”,”Emotional Freedom techniques”, “Energy Harnessing”. I  enjoy working with individuals and groups who are looking for a more enriching life. I call them “The Mind People“.

Before: The Story wasn’t as Rosy before. Being stuck in a high paying job, losing a loved one, over weight topped with fears about relationships. All in all signs of a Big Depression that could drown me. This is when I decided to not go the traditional way and try alternate healing which gave me ground breaking results in five sessions and life has never looked back. Awed by the results I decided to change my own career to help people, create more awareness about alternative healing methods and the “Power of Mind“.

“Delete” the Stress to “Enter” the state of Awareness.

Hocus, Focus, Relax, Chillax, Smile and get ready to rock the world.

The “Best Doctor” and the “Best Pharmacy” exist inside you. All you need  is a Coach to get you there.

We will Love you, till you learn to Love and heal your inner child.

if Anger = Solution we all should be angry all the time.

Teaching those who seek to lead, next level of performance

Customer Review

“A HAPPY CLIENT MAKES THE COACH HAPPY” Customer review is very vital element when you  provide services. Yogini strongly preaches               “I AM, BECAUSE WE ARE“.


Pranali SAmeer

"One of the best things i did in life was to approach her. She is not only a MIND Coach but has been a LIFE Coach." Love you for all the support.

jinal pic

Dr Jinal Vaghela - Dentist

"I was nervous and anxious when I visited Yogini Mam, the moment I stepped in she asked me to feel free and that she won't be behaving formally with me. The warmth in her welcome and her smile was very comforting to mellow me down. What followed was history. I will always be grateful to her for helping me through. And she didn't stop there. Till date she follows up and checks on me to know if I am doing good or not. I will always recommend her name to like-minded friends and colleagues." Thank you Mam.

rashmi pic

Rashmi Mathur

"Yogini's program covers mind and soul along with body detox. Her mind detox is must to experience. It is a 100 % life changing course." Yogini you are simply superb.