Our Vision

Our Vision is to make the world a better place to live. A place where people believe in "Power of the Mind", A place where people "Live without Medicine" and a place where people are "Connected to themselves".


Our Approach

We follow a simple yet most effective approach to help our clients in every aspect of their Mind, Body and Soul healing. We Follow a four step process:

  1. Identify: It is important know the problem not only at the symptomatic level but at the root level.
  2. Let go: Once you identify and accept the problem, it is only logical to learn the art of letting go.
  3. Harmonise: Letting go may sound difficult but truly it is much more difficult to come in harmony once you let go. Using that void created to fulfil your dreams is the key ingredient to succeed.
  4. Abundance:  Abundance is inevitable once you eradicate the root cause and start working on your dreams and passion.

Yogini Thakkar Arora

Founder & CEO

C.Ht Hypnosis Motivation Institute California

She is an Engineer by education, she turns Artist during her free time.

Our Story

Stories make Lives and Stories connect people. Everyone has a story and so does Yogini. A sad childhood due to bullying and Obesity to a personal loss of loved one, she has been through all. "What doesn't break you only makes you stronger ", holds true for her. She fought her way out of her own limitations and depressions using Hypnotherapy, lifestyle changes, Yoga and Meditation. Today she preaches what she follows. With her personal experience and abundance of knowledge she helps people overcome their personal shortcomings like anger, stress, diseases, weight, depression to name a few, to live a life they desire. She believes in the "POWER OF MIND", "PLANT BASED DIET" and "POWER OF MEDITATION" to achieve success on the MIND, BODY and SOUL  level.


Yogini is also an expert Past Life Regression Therapist and has helped hundreds of people decode their past life connections to solve current life issues.


Next Steps...

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