Anger management

Anger is nothing more then an outward express of hurt , fear or frustration. Its an emotion frequently felt as a result of feelings of being blocked away. Temper is used most of the times as a defensive response of guilt , fear, or threat to losing power or identity.
How many times has your temper landed u in trouble? Your anger caused problems at work and in relationships?

Anger management is a therapy where techniques are used in directing your temper in a constructive way. Anger is a normal emotion but it is important to deal with it in a positive way.

You will not be punished for your anger but by your anger” -Buddha

To impart the knowledge of how to vent out the anger that you are holding on to and eventually how to use several alternatives to let go of  the anger.

1. Our goal is to help you heal and bring you to understanding yourself and your anger quotient.

2. We mentor you with highly effective techniques which helps you to become assertive and not aggressive.

Our sessions will teach you how to react in different situations, with different people. It will help you understand how your behaviour creates chain reactions.