Clinical Hypnosis

Hypnosis is a normal state everybody experiences in day to day life without realizing they are hypnotized. How many times while watching a movie in a theatre you are so engrossed that you actually start associating with the characters and start living in the moment.

How many times have you day dreamt of relaxing on a gorgeous sandy beach in Maldives or the Caribbean and then been suddenly been woken up by somebody to realize you are still at your workplace. Day dreaming is a similar experience to hypnosis. We may go in and out ofthis trance-like state multiple times a day every time we are mesmerized by something. We transition through the state of hypnosis even when we go to sleep at night.

Clinical Hypnosis occurs when the conscious and subconscious minds unite to create a heightened state of awareness and increased suggestibility. It can be compared to a deep state of meditation.In the process of Clinical  hypnosis, the emotions are calmed and the critical thinking mind is relaxed. In this state, the subconscious mind is more accessible and receptive to positive suggestions.

Once this state is achieved, the Mind Coach can feed the subconscious mind with necessary positive affirmations and suggestions tailored to needs of the client.