Corporate Plan

A corporate honcho to most people looks like Highly paid, well groomed person walking into those beautiful glass buildings all happy taking expensive holidays. Is it just about that ?  There is much more to it than meets the eye. ‘With great power comes great responsibility‘ .There are deadlines, long and odd working hours, meetings, responsibilities and all this creating the most dreaded word “STRESS”. All this topped with lack of work life balance creating stress even in personal relations. This is eventually going to lead to low performance. Our programs are uniquely designed to enhance and give your best to what you are already doing following a simple four step approach — “Awareness” –“Let Go” — “Harmonize”—“Abundance”.

Our programs are effectively designed offering 3 days option that can be customized further, as well as one to one mentoring options  which will help the participants and the organisation scale new heights. Our program unleashes the power of mind, to pursue your dreams.


Mind Body and Soul, all three are inter-linked. To live a life of your dreams all three need to be balanced and in sync. We help you keep that balance.


1.  We offer all round training on mind, body and soul level increasing the effect of the training.

2.  We work with team leaders to ensure both the content and the outcome are in alignment with the goals of the team.

3.  Stress is one element that clutters the mind completely. Our programs eliminate stress and increase productivity as well as overall well being.

4. we take on 1-to-1 mentoring which is very powerful and highly effective in helping the individual flourish.


Our programs tap into the subconscious mind which then translates into body and soul level changes. This Cascading affect creates sense of peace and harmony leading to profound effects in all arenas of life.