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Weight Loss

Weight loss and diet plans are a topic of conversation on every television talk show, to the office water cooler, to Kitty parties – the latest “Fad diets” do not always do what it vows. Hypnosis helps the clients achieve their ideal weight and further provides phenomenal tools to manage the same once the target weight is achieved. The Hypnotherapist acts like a coach, training and guiding the client step by step as they inch towards their target weight. Hypnosis serves as an ideal tool to keep the client focused on the end goal during the weight loss process. For clients who have trouble maintaining or losing weight, it may be necessary to find the root cause. Once the root cause is uncovered and the conflict is resolved, the client stops emotional eating, and weight loss is on the way.

Relieve Anxiety & Stress

Anxiety and Stress are two biggest killers in the world today and the cause of many major illnesses. Inspite of knowing this we hardly take any steps to recover from it. Hypnotherapy is one of the best modalities to lower anxiety.

For issues of speaking in public, exam fear, or generalized anxiety of life and living hypnosis can calm you down. Yovana will help you create a new habit, a habit of being calm and relaxed. Hypnotherapy can be extremely beneficial for stress relief. In our fast paced world, where almost everyone has experienced the feeling of being “stressed out,” associating relaxing thoughts to your life using Hypnosis can produce immediate results reducing your stress levels.  

Improve Sleep

Are you wide-awake at night? The culprit is more likely the present-day tension, stress and worries, plus a mind “that doesn’t switch off.” Not sleeping and a preoccupied mind can become habit. Hypnosis can help you get back the “Deep, Sound Restful Sleep “. Allow Yovana to instill your mind with the habit of having a good night’s sleep that you wish for.

Pain Management

If you are suffering from any type of chronic pain or acute pain, headache, backache, child birth etc, allow Yovana to use many available techniques to help reduce pain and make it be more manageable. Pain is nature’s signal to the body that something may be wrong. That alarm system must stay intact. At Yovana we never take the pain away completely. When there is no visible physical or medical reason for the pain, the Hypnotherapist can help lighten the emotional pain which can often be stored in the body and causing the problem.

Past Life Regression

Do you wonder why we make an instant connection with some people and why we hate some at the first sight?

Do you wonder why some situations or place seem as if you have done it or been here before?

Do you believe that your soul travels through time and space to reincarnate into another body and into another lifetime?

Relations, places, people can all have a connection to our past life. Many times we feel the symptoms that cannot be clinically proven. If there are no physiological or psychology reasons for the issue, then past-life regression may have an answer for you. Past Life Regression can help uncover the “root cause” of a present symptom or chronic illness. A fear of swallowing could be related to a choking event in a past-life. Relationship issues can also be due to some memories from past-life.

Other Areas of Help

  • Life Mastery
  • Self-Empowerment
  • Quit Smoking Habit
  • Boost Self Confidence
  • Treat Fears and Phobias
  • Improve Public Speaking
  • Mental Peace & Relaxation
  • Achieve Happiness and Success
  • Release Self-Sabotage and a Resistant Lifestyle
  • Change a Negative Mind Set to a Positive Mind Set

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