Past Life Regression

Do you wonder why we make an instant connection with some people and why we hate some at the first very first sight?

Do you wonder why some situations or place seem as if you have done it or been here before, that Deja Vu feeling?

Do you believe that your soul travels through time and space to reincarnate into another body and into another lifetime?

Relations, places, people can all have a connection to our past life. Many times we feel the symptoms that cannot be clinically proven. If there are no physiological or psychological reasons for the issue, then past-life regression may have an answer for you. Past Life Regression can help uncover the “root cause” of a present symptom or chronic illness.

A fear of water or dark spaces could be related to an tragic event in a past-life. Relationship issues can also be due to some memories from past-life. Repeated patterns with work or money could also be related to the past life.