Pre Teens & Young Adults

Teens to young adults is a very sensitive period where the they want to hide rather then face negative, emotional or environmental challenges. Their lives are high on adrenaline filled with anxiety. The peer pressure and the desire to fit into the world sometimes forces them to indulge into meaningless and nonproductive actions. This could lead to an upsurge of emotions and sometimes dire consequences.

We often notice their attitude when they just want to rush through life not knowing whether it’s for their good or bad .Ironically with the fast paced lives of parents , they feel emotionally left out,so they try to run away from themselves and their emotions.

They just want to be heard, always in search of good listeners which they tend t find in their friends. They want to know the cause of their problems which if not addressed on time shows fatal results.

To make them feel worthy of themselves & raise their confidence to face the world by making them aware of their emotions.

1. We work with them to recognize their own inhibitions helping them to introspect & approach the problems in a rational way.

2. Our program helps them to eliminate stress, improve focus and achieve high quality performance .

A high sense of self love created curbing hyper activity, improving focus & concentration through different techniques.