Past Life Regression

A peek into the past will open a door to a beautiful future. Suffering from Chronic explainable pains, grief, dreams, relationship issues or simply want to explore. Call us today. HEAL YOUR PAST.

Weight loss

Get rid of that excess weight and upgrade yourself to an healthy lifestyle. Let us help you through guided mind coaching plans and lifestyle modifications diets.

Energy harnessing

Unleash your own positive energy and build a life that you dream. Learn simple sustainable meditation and energy harnessing techniques which you can use all your life.

Stress and Anger management

Unearth the reason for stress, one biggest killer in the world today and in turn get rid of your anger which is a byproduct of stress. Using effective techniques like emotional freedom technique, guided imagery and self hypnosis let us nip this epidemic in the bud.

Inner child, Fears, Depression

Fears, insecurities and depression are the most neglected aspect of mental health. Break out of that cage and open your wings to a beautiful sky. Let us help you take that leap by healing your inner child and inner fears.

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