"Yogini's program is great as it completely changes your outlook for diet and fitness."
"Let me explain this . For me food was a stress buster as I was a major emotional eater . After joining Yogini's programm, with hypnotherapy I could disintegrate the relation between food and emotions . For me now food has a different healthier meaning . We all have issues but we need to learn to deal with it and move on . Hypnotherapy helps in achieving and overcoming."
Deepika Pahuja
Art enthusiast
"Yogini's program is awesome. I have tried so many diets and weight loss programs in the past, but never gone through such a holistic program. Anyone can give you a diet plan, but no one tells you how to follow it or trains your mind to kill your cravings. It not only a weight loss program, but something that is so rejuvenating that you will fall in love with yourself all over again. Go for it. Not only this, any issues related to sleep or stress, will be solved by this program.I definitely feel more healthy physically and mentally. Highly recommended"
Chavi Munshi
Jewelry desginer
"I was initially very skeptical about this big word.. Hypnosis... what will happen?! What will Yogini ask? What will she make me do???? But having experienced it, I realised it wasn't about her at all; it was about ME! I gained from it as much as I wanted to.. Having lost some weight and inches, has given me a lot of confidence.. But it doesn't end there... the way Yogini works on the mind, making it powerful not only to tackle weight loss or sticking to a diet plan, but also to live life at your own terms.. how we say, Live Life King size ! "
Divya Bhutani
Child Educator
"Yogini's Detox program is excellent. Not only does she work on body aspect, but also aims to train the mind towards a healthy living. Lot of dietitians give a diet chart, but not as much of interesting variety as she does. And absolutely easy to follow and more importantly very easy to stick to.... About her mind coaching towards your inhibitions or your achieving goals, or just pursuit of happiness, she again is an excellent trainer. Do attend her Demo!!!! It's worth it.. Very easy to stick to even after the 5 week program... "
"Hi yogini, its been a wonderful experience attending your mind body and soul detox program. I started to love cooking after you taught us those mouth watering dishes, otherwise i used to hate cooking. Also the mind power trick that you shared has helped me with my daughter so much.she started eating for which i was so worried. There have been lot of good changes in life after attending your sessions. You are a true inspiration. Keep up the good work."
"My compliments that you are great healer and motivator...not only u invite angels you yourself are an angel."
Mr B.N Pandey